About me

Since I consider my writing to be nothing more or less than an expression of my own process of self-integration, I'm not sure it's going to be useful to write much "about me" since this entire website is about me, or at least, my psyche. But maybe it's useful to have some context, so I'll try.

First of all, there is no "Alan Christopher". I don't mean that it is a pseudonym - it's not - but it's just a name without any particular meaning. There's no point trying to find the body that the name refers to, because that body wouldn't be the same as the person you encounter in this website anyway. As far as you're concerned, "Alan Christopher" only exists in and as the words and images you see here. He is a construct and he has purpose, and when the body that created him dies then he'll stop changing (which, scientifically speaking, indicates death) but he'll still be here, in and as these words and images, for as long as they are stored on some server somewhere. He and his body are not the same and there's no point trying to act as if they are. The writer is a persona.

To put it more simply, I hope you get something out of this website - it's here for enjoyment and help - but let's not try to meet up for coffee, because we'll both be disappointed. OK?

Anyone who knows me in "real" life (by which I mean the life of the body and exchanging pheromones and actually seeing each other and other such 20th-century concepts) may identify me from the writing or photography. If this is you, please feel free to say hello!