James Dean

wow, I had odd dreams...first of all I dreamed I ate magic mushrooms, and I
had the oddest experiences...I went to this mens' toilets and there was this
really aggressive guy there who was pissing all over everyone and shouting,
I nearly got into a pissing contest with him but then thought better of it
and started laughing instead, telling him he'd better not hang around in the
mens' toilets all night or everyone he'd pissed on would try and kick the
shit out of him. He seemed to appreciate the advice, and became friendly,
and came outside with me...then I started coming up on the mushrooms, and
the sky was the most vivid shade of blue, the grass was deep, lush green -
everything was realler than real and so beautiful to look at. I think for a
while I just wandered around enjoying how beautiful everything was.

The I met James Dean, who had come back from the dead and was wearing his
outfit from Rebel Without A Cause, the red leather jacket etc. He was kind
of running around doing his 'cool' act, and I had this sickening realization
of what a trap he was in now...the whole world knew who he was, James Dean,
the icon of coolness for an older time, and now he was trying to be that
person, and it was grotesque, it didn't make any sense any more, and instead
of being himself he was trying to be this mythic-self that the world knew
him to be...in his red leather jacket, posing to be cool, posing to be James
Dean, but who is he? I am kind of fascinated with James Dean, a little. He
seems so much more of a myth than a real man, like an idea of a person, and
the real person behind it seems to be just a boy, who loved fast cars and
the cool image, and who wanted the world to fall in love with his stunning